We list all events in Melbourne and it's outer regions that have a primary focus on spoken word and poetry.

Are you running a weekly, monthly or otherwise regular event that runs by the same format each time? Submit details here. If you're considering starting a regular gig, it might be worth emailing benjamin@melbournespokenword.com to ask about appropriate time slots, or spots on the regular spoken word calendar that doesn't clash with too many other events or events in the same area or of the same audience.

Please fill out all the required fields for listing. We recommend you look at other events listings on the website for an idea of what we need to list your event properly, but mostly an image that is in the right format and size, and a clear blurb in third person. If further editions of your events include different things such as new features, new dates, you submit them seperately here.

Do not include bios of performers in your submission. Performer bios are submitted separately here.

We do not accept submissions for hybrid open mic nights that also contain music and other things, as it would overwhelm the site when we want to focus on poetry and spoken word. Open mics that focus on poetry and spoken word, but permit some music or instruments is ok, but please be aware there are a million music open mics in this city and time and space for poets is a rare and sacred thing.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.