Melbourne Spoken Word accepts reviews, interviews, commentary pieces and general articles on the spoken word or poetry scene in Melbourne. We do not accept text-based poetry but accept audio recordings for Audacious, our audio-journal within the submission periods, and videos to be published online.
We list all events in Melbourne and it's outer regions that have a primary focus on spoken word and poetry.

Please fill out all the required fields for listing. If it's a regular gig, indicate that and we can work out a way of ongoing communication about your regular event. We recommend you look at other events listings on the website for an idea of what we need to list your event properly, but mostly an image that is in the right format and size, and a clear blurb in third person.

Do not include bios of performers in your submission. Performer bios are submitted separately here.

We do not accept submissions for hybrid open mic nights that also contain music and other things, as it would overwhelm the site when we want to focus on poetry and spoken word. Open mics that focus on poetry and spoken word, but permit some music or instruments is ok, but please be aware there are a million music open mics in this city and time and space for poets is a rare and sacred thing.
Melbourne Spoken Word likes to include a bit about the features and performers included in many of the spoken word poetry events around Melbourne, including a photo of them and a short bio that tells the potential audiences a bit about what they're likely to see and hear from you.

Submit your bio information below to be included in that database.
Melbourne Spoken Word accepts pitches for articles including interviews, commentary pieces, short essays. We do not accept text-based poetry submissions. We accept video and audio recordings (see other categories for more info on that.) We require that the pitch is for a piece of writing relevant to the Melbourne Spoken Word scene.

We especially like:-
  • Interviews with poets and people involved in the Melbourne poetry and spoken word scene
  • Commentary on aural based poetry, spoken word, especially its relationship in Melbourne
  • Articles with educational content on the history or techniques of spoken word, the poetry scene in Melbourne
  • Satirical articles relevant to the above
Please pitch your idea first, a paragraph or two on what you want to write about. We endeavour to reply within a week. Articles should typically be a minimum of 500 words, with a limit of 1,000, or more under certain circumstances.
Melbourne Spoken Word accepts reviews of events, performances, or publications related to spoken word and poetry in Melbourne. Basically, if it's by someone who has done something at an event listed in our events page, especially if they're a regular fixture of the scene, we'll have it.
  • Pitch to us first. Do you have something in mind you want to review? Let us know first by telling us what you'd like to review, and if you haven't written for us before, a bit of background or experience if you have any. This is to avoid two reviewers reviewing the same thing or it might not be suitable etc.
  • Reviews need to be a minimum of 500 words
  • Reviewers shall not enter into correspondence with the person they're reviewing and the author of the work should not solicit the review or ask someone to submit a review of their work. This is to maintain the credibility and unbiased nature of the work.
  • If you would like your event, book or album reviewed, contact to arrange for tickets or publication to be sent to us and we will attempt to find a reviewer for it.
  • If you would like to review something but don't know what, email us also and we can assign you something in our review pile.

The Melbourne Spoken Word online store showcases a range of spoken word and poetry from the local Melbourne Spoken Word community. We invite anyone who is active in the local scene and currently performing regularly around Melbourne to submit their books for sale on the store.

MSW takes a 20% cut like most book stores, to cover the maintenance of the store, website, and to support the work of MSW growing the grassroots spoken word scene.

Once your listing has been approved, we'll get you to send us a bunch of books to stock.